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Social media marketing: new ways to stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience… via social media networks!

Incomm® london, your social media marketing consultant

Our communication agency Incomm® London will help you create and manage your online presence on all digital channels, from websites to social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter…). Are you looking for effective solutions to improve the referencing of your web pages via social media? Do you want to work on your e-reputation and develop your online visibility? Social Media Management is a fundamental solution in your digital communication. Whether you have experience with social media or are a novice, you can count on our team to provide customised solutions. Facebook marketing agency, community management agency, content creation agency…we cover all the bases so that you can benefit from our many areas of expertise.

Social media networks: an advertising and marketing opportunity for businesses

In our digital era, social media is at the heart of online communication. The influence and power of social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are no longer a mystery. It has become essential for businesses and companies to communicate on these platforms. There are several reasons for this:

  • To reach more customers and increase notoriety for their company,
  • To get closer to its loyal users
  • To establish a direct and privileged relationship with its customers
  • To renew and improve the user experience of their community
  • To generate targeted traffic to their site
  • To communicate differently
  • To increase the referencing of their web pages
  • To build long-term customer loyalty and secure their commitment, etc.

Whatever your goals or online habits of your prospects, our social media agency in London offers you its up-to-date experience to enhance your brand awareness in a sustainable manner. Whatever your business sector and/or status (self-employed, craftsman, SME, non-profit organisation…) it is possible to customise your communication strategy. Market audit, benchmarking of your competitors, selection of the relevant social media networks, advice, support, empowerment training in social network management… We will be there at every stage of your project!

Using social media networks: how and which?

The diversity and instantaneity of social media networks are sources of marketing opportunities…as well as traps. Indeed, while there is no standard pattern, there are certain codes to be mastered in order to carry out a successful media management strategy. With the expertise of Incomm®, your social media agency in London, unleash your potential on the social media network of your choice.

Whether you already have good visibility on your current page or still new to the subject, our solutions are as multiple as they are adaptable:

  • Creation of a page or a profile focusing on presentation and storytelling
  • Creation and publication of customised, punchy editorial content
  • Development of interactions with users
  • Recruiting subscribers and motivating your community
  • Targeting of content and promotional offers
  • Management of advertising campaigns with sponsored links
  • Launch of partnerships with influencers…

More information

Would you like to find out more about new communication or marketing strategies via social media networks? Are you thinking of calling on our agency specialising in community management?

Ask us to review your project or for a quote, either by phone or via the online contact form. Our social media and marketing agency in London will make sure to answer you as soon as possible.

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